When God Ignores you

When God Ignores You

When God Ignores you

By Kevin Howell

It sucks to be ignored. Whether it’s purposeful and personal or by accident, you feel a bit disrespected when someone ignores you. This can happen at a restaurant when the host or server ignores you, or at work when you present an idea and someone doesn’t even acknowledge it. Or, when you smile and say hi to a stranger of the opposite sex, and she just looks away and keeps walking (okay, maybe that’s just me).

But probably the most difficult diss is from God. When you’re going through times of discontent, worried about your future, your employment, your bills, or your family, and you seemingly get no sense of acknowledgement from your Creator. Yeah, I’ve been dealing with that this year.

It’s not that I haven’t been listening to Him, He’s just been straight up quiet, giving me the silent treatment, it seems. I’ve prayed that He’ll change the situation and work His magic — you know, the tax money in the fish’s mouth, water-into-wine, mortgage magically paid off, and a wife that looks like Lolo Jones type of stuff — but I get no response. In my mind, I’m thinking: “Does he see me? Is He busy watching the Republican debate? Do I need to come back later? What’s up?” And the longer I wait for a resolution, the more frustrated I get.

The funny thing is, this is nothing new. I’m not the only one who has felt a sense of divine indifference. King David dealt with it regularly, and wrote a song or 200 about it. Nothing expresses the human anguish we all deal with more than David’s Psalms. And believe me, none of us have experienced more pain and drama than David. His life was like a combination of One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Dynasty plus a few of those novellas on Telemundo. So we can learn a lot from his life and his prayers. One thing about David is he didn’t hide his feelings. He didn’t come to God with elegant prayers, or any Jewish ritual hymn. No, he was real. He expressed his anguish and frustration. As Pastor Judah Smith once said, “Sometimes prayer is just chucking stuff up to God.”

But after David ranted about God abandoning him and all of that, there was always a change at the end. There was always a sense of hope. There was always confidence God would turn his situation around. In fact, the way I read it, it’s more than confidence, but a surety. Sometime during David’s soliloquy, God provided peace. The circumstances didn’t necessarily change, but peace arrived.

There’s a saying that God doesn’t show up when you want Him to, but He’s always on time. I’ve found that to be true in my life. Even as I felt like He’s ignored my cries, He has shown up in simple, discreet ways to quell my concerns. Earlier this year, as I was feeling frustrated with life, I read a phrase in a devotional that provided peace: “Don’t worry about your life…” It’s just five words, mid-sentence, of Matthew 6:25, but it was like an earful to me. It lifted the burden of worry I was carrying and brought peace. Recently, He reminded me of those words again.

God isn’t ignoring me. He hears my cries; He sees my frustration. In His eyes, I’m not suffering; I’m just enduring — enduring the inevitable conflicts of life. It’s a process that makes me stronger, and that brings fulfillment of His promises. So I wait, patiently, with a peace and surety that He’s working even though I can’t see it.


“For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and enjoy to the full what is promised.” (Hebrews 10:36)

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5 thoughts on “When God Ignores You”

  1. I know the Bible says God will not give me more than I can handle but i don’t feel like i can take anymore. I know the Bible says take my yoke for it is easy but i am praying, reading His Word, helping others, and no relief comes. God you know my heart, you know my needs. I am trying to have faith and be strong but enough is enough. I don’t want to be on this earth anymore but i have to take care of my morher. I need help, I need a break, I need an answer to prayer. I need a miracle. GOD why? GOD what have I done or not done that you want me to do? GOD what do you want from me? I can’t take this anymore. Please God answer my prayer, say something I’m giving up on me. I love You heavenly Father, take this burden off of me.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I can’t say I understand what you may be going through. I know waiting on God during tough times is difficult. But I know for sure He’s faithful. Praying for your peace, and His strength in you sister.


      1. Well, I think the encouraging words are very nice, but how do we know we are even waiting on God for anything? Maybe there is no answer even coming. I kind of feel like an idiot for waiting on God for something for close to 30 years. I woke up one morning recently and this horrible feeling came over me. I waited for nothing. Now I cant really believe for anything . I;m all mixed up. I believe Jesus is the savior and all that and I’m not going to run out and start sinning, but I think I’ve been left on my own. People like to throw around all these scriptures that really don’t help or say they will pray for peace. Well, I don’t want peace with no answers and to remain in ignorance.

        1. Anna,

          Since I wrote my last comment to this blog, things didn’t get better but worse. Once again, I could have written your complaint. It’s my complaint too.

          I don’t want peace from ignorance, I want peace from knowledge. God is a God of knowledge.

          We are children of God so we have to learn. He teaches us like any good parent. We cannot take in all the knowledge in our 6 lb brain, we cannot handle all the sorrow that accompanies knowledge. Why does sorrow accompany knowledge? Because knowledge is knowing that both good and evil operate together. How can this help us?

          On occasion, I have joked that “I brush the anti-christ’s teeth every morning”

          Why would I say that? Because I have come to realize that mankind is represented to God by Jesus Christ. Who stands against the benefits of obedience to God more than anyone I know? Me. But this is by design, not my design, but God’s.

          I think our powerlessness to gain any traction, and this feeling of distrust toward God, after we have served him as best we can and still feel like we are not highly favored or usually feeling ignored, is an awareness that can only come from more intense trials. God our Father making it tough on us.

          Mankind has derived society and its benefits from the law. The law of any country are justified historically from morality derived from their gods. Every precept that is used to build laws is derived from the human race’s knowledge of good and evil, and desire to build come common society.

          Jesus comes along and modifies the paradigm of how we are to perceive law and judgment.

          Jesus stands up for mercy, loving the neighbor as we love our selves. Then he throws a wrench in it and tells us if we don’t hate, we cannot be his disciple!

          So humans are now having to examine themselves to see where both good and evil come from, and we also have to unpack that when we use knowledge for selfishness, we feed the beast, but when we use knowledge for unselfishness, we feed society…

          Both are necessary! Both beast, our flesh and bones, and our spirit inside. The beast derives pleasure from gaining resources for itself, and yet we also in our spirit, derive pleasure from gaining resources for others, to see them prosper.

          Long answer… I know, and it may not help your feel any better, but scripture tells us, with knowledge is sorrow.

          So the more we humans learn, the more we learn that the spiritual life we desire from the traditions of church, causes loss and pain and suffering to the body, this flesh and bone person.

          I love the scripture that promises, “eternal pleasure at my right hand”

          I also love the scripture that says “let the righteous be righteous still, and let the wicked be wicked still”

          Of course, this knowledge is not derived from our opinion or from any misunderstanding of scripture. It is derived from understanding free-will.

          Obtaining pleasure for the flesh and bones is often at odds with the spirit. This is revealed by Paul, “the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh”

          So now, what does Jesus do? Does he replace God as a God of wrath, when we screw up? No, he reminds us that He is both flesh and spirit as we are, and he simply reminds us that in the gospel, the way, the door to perfecting our lives is not through being spiritual, it is through admitting we are forever children, ever learning and so by default we are in mistake mode, “repent” is what we are called to do. Humility, does not mean we forsake our selfishness, it means we embrace our reality. We are beings that need to mate to reproduce biologically, and we are also spiritual which means our words are seeds as well.

          Blah blah blah…

          So exchange your knowledge! Go to a party and enjoy yourself. Don’t be trapped under old testament law, Jesus said, “it is finished”. The race of human kind is no longer subject to the law of God of the old testament! We are however, to honor Jesus and admit we need to repent.

          Get up and start living again.

          I’ll try to do the same.

          Peace! Joy! yes and unfortunately at times, we get overly sorrowful, but when we get an answer that works, we can celebrate.

          David Campbell

  2. Laurie,

    I know you wrote your comments in September, so I hope your feeling some relief, but I wanted you to know I could have typed your words.

    Like the author of this suggests, Psalms is full of David’s struggles and anguish, and I find I read Psalms far more than any book. The reason is that it does bring peace to see David’s words. I have thought how wonderful that David was allowed to capture all these spiritual words for our hearts to heal up and help us gain peace in our times of suffering and endurance. It’s hell on earth for me in many ways, and has been for several years, dealing with the cruelty of family who falsely accused and turned backs, friends indifference and rejection. But I was the class clown, the home coming king, a person who loves people and reaches out all the time, how can this happen to me? These tests when family turns into devils and when friends reach into your chest and pull your heart out and don’t get it when you complain, don’t recognize they are beating you down, it is awful. How about loss of income and continual insults, in the place of a track record of outstanding work history? Work harder, funny that’s just what Pharoah said! WOW. Talk about humiliating! We were working hard, but Moses heard the voice and he had to lead! God is making us leaders.

    So, I get it, I understand. I have prayed, “get me otta here” more than once in the past several years, and he continues to intensify the pressure and the losses. Moses prayed it. It’s human. Jesus also prayed it, “if it be possible, take this cup from me…” We are human as they are.

    Interestingly, what is happening is I am getting a perspective on how evil mankind can be that I did not have before. I can also see that I am a human person, one of the people with just as much potential for evil as any other human being has.

    So I’m seeing this “division” of good and evil. It’s amazing. I’m writing about it. I have seen when Jesus Christ is referred to Son of Man, or Son of God, the two names have meaning regarding human and spirit. So knowing this really has helped me to “divide the word of truth”.
    Our flesh, like Jesus, our spirit, sons and daughters of God. Cool, that from all this suffering!

    So, I don’t know if you would ever see my comment to you, but maybe it will help someone. Please don’t give up.

    Oh! One more whine! Accusations! Seriously! They are on the lips of just about everyone these days! Judging others is growing so common, and we need to set the example every day to stop judging. Remember Jonah sunk, but Jesus walked on water. Johan wanted to destroy Ninevah, Jesus “did not come to destroy, but to save”. So we want to not sink, like Peter and Jonah… Put your hand in the hand of the man…. 🙂

    Hang in there. Have courage. Get up at night and pray. Pray and wait for peace and He will give you peace. Get your rest.
    Stop worrying. It’s so hard not to at times. I know. I got the worst kind of accusation today, an accusation that really scared me until I realized it is from the Devil. Peace and truth is from our Lord. Praise Him, honor one another.

    Take care…



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