A Prayer for Arrogant Americans


By Ginny Mink


We pray for prosperity because we don’t know what it means to be in need. We quote scripture to support our desires to live prosperous lives, but in Your eyes, the greed in our hearts is not hidden. Would we have time to make such arrogant requests if we were hungry, naked and homeless? Would such a word even cross our lips or thoughts if we had to hike to get our water, liquid teeming with bacteria and microscopic critters?

We’re so spoiled that we complain about the future generations’ “give me” attitude while we ask You to give us more and to give us prosperity. Perhaps there’s been some sort of disconnect in Your meaning behind the word and our interpretation of it. Certainly the Americanized concept of the word revolves around nice things and worldly success, but what if we lived in the bush of Africa? Would it then mean food to eat, clean water to drink, and protection from horrific diseases?

Oh that our eyes were opened to the plight of our sisters and brothers around the world. While we’re focused on square footage prosperity blessings and the comforts of multiple bathrooms and central heat and air, our spiritual siblings believe that they’re prosperous simply because they’ve survived another day in a country that tortures and kills believers.

Oh King, we are arrogant Americans. We haven’t Your eyes or Your compassion. We live our lives with very little thought of what the Body of Christ endures daily, yet Your Word tells us that we’re all connected and when one member hurts, all do. It seems You must have put Your weakest children in the United States knowing full well they couldn’t persevere through the harshness and travesty believers in other countries endure.

No doubt, many American believers would be angered by such a statement, but would they really be willing to give up their prosperity prayers and their living-like-a-king-already lifestyles to venture into the world of Egyptian, Chinese, or African Christians? Probably not. How then, Father, can we become less weak, less arrogant, less greed-filled and self-centered? What can spoiled Americans do for their stronger, more devoted brethren?

The answer seems quite simple and yet so few even consider the concept, let alone do they actually do it. Obviously, the first thing is that there must be a burden on our hearts to pray for our brothers and sisters elsewhere. Secondly, we must utilize what we’ve been given in this country, and that’s wealth. Even some of the poorest of us here make more in a day than our spiritual siblings make in a week or more.

What would it really cost us to give up one day’s wages to support the Kingdom? Yet, that concept can be quite terrifying to those of us living paycheck to paycheck. Oh we of little Faith! Don’t we know that You will provide for all our needs? Doesn’t Your Word tell us to do good for all, especially those in the Body of Christ? What are we so afraid of then? The loss of Chick-fil-A once a week? Not being able to get our toes done?

Oh, Father, I’m so sorry for our behavior. I’m so sorry that we don’t truly grasp who You are! We’re not willing to sacrifice our comforts for You and yet You willingly were tortured, bled, died and rose again for us. Nothing that supporting the Kingdom will cost us could ever amount to what You gave for us. Why would You even consider such a thing when we’re so ungrateful and selfish?

Oh my King, my heart hurts for us, for all of us, all the arrogant Americans, all the tortured believers, all the starving and thirsty children. I feel utterly useless and ashamed. Could I give up my beloved Mountain Dew and save the money to send to those in need? What about all the other stupid expenditures that amount to nothing when faced with Your reality? Am I too far gone, Father? Too steeped in this culture and prideful mind-set? Oh my King, open my eyes to Your Truth, Your reality. Open my heart to feel what You feel, to love how You love, to be evermore like You until my time on this planet is done.

Forgive me for all the times I fail You, for all the vindictive thoughts that appear in my mind, for all the self-serving behaviors I display. Make me a better wife and mother, one full of patience, submission and endurance. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter where the canister set and spice rack are placed on the kitchen counter? I get irritated at the stupidest, most irrelevant things. I fail to see the grandiose plan You’ve laid out for each and every one of us. Oh, Father, oh, Daddy, make me more like You, please. I pray these things in Jesus’ precious, Most Holy Name. Amen.


Ginny Mink is a wretched sinner saved by the King’s magnificent Grace. She’s the author of two books: Be Jesus, Not Jonah! and Spiritual Snippets: 365 Days of Devotion. She lives in Florida with her husband and two children.

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