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Finding Healthy Balance

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

By Coach P.

As believers, we often battle with balance. But this doesn’t have to be an ongoing cycle. I believe God intended for us to flourish in all areas of being: body, mind, and spirit.

A healthy spirit should be a positive guide and a reflection of physicality.

When we first make the life-changing decision to better ourselves spiritually, it is a journey. Changing the spirit man is a process. The same can be said when proceeding to exercise more or eating healthy.

Realistically speaking, it takes time, prayer, faith, perseverance, and a whole lot of discipline to stay on the path towards a healthy life. We live in such an anxious generation where everything must be done instantly. We don’t allow things to happen organically as God intended. But rushing the process only brings more panic. Making lifestyle decisions and changes can subconsciously welcome anxiety. With so many questions and many answers, opinions, and theories, I can literally feel someone somewhere screaming, “help!”

Here’s my advice: Breathe. With scientific research constantly evolving, things are becoming more obscure. One minute something is deemed healthy but in a split second you may read a post that says it is unhealthy. A large sum of the information floating around is loosely based on scientific evidence. In fact, most of it is hearsay and opinion. Do your own research from accredited and reputable sources. Consult with your physician and/or nutritionist before making drastic dietary changes, and most importantly, use your God-inspired discernment.

Second piece of advice: Do not over indulge. Modify your portions. If the meat portion of your dinner cannot fit in the palm of your hand then it’s probably way more than the recommended serving size. Making wise food choices daily and engaging in physical activity at least three times a week can improve your health significantly. These smart choices will become second nature when you let the spirit of God lead you.

Last piece of advice: Don’t stress, just pray, eat, and live.

“Whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, you must do for the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31


Coach P. is a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert from New Jersey. She is WEGO Health, Health Activist and a member of the American Nutrition Association. Connect with her on Twitter @coachpcare and www.coachpcares.info.

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