I’m an old school guy who likes to take his time with just about everything in life. Smell the roses. Enjoy the moment. Listen. Take in life. I find peace and fulfillment that way. I somehow developed this lifestyle growing up in crowded and sometimes chaotic New Jersey.kh

An incessant thinker, I’ve failed miserably at trying to figure out life. Some things I don’t understand, some things will never make sense, and I think God prefers it that way. He’s smarter than us after all. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’ve accepted it. I just have to trust Him and walk by faith.

Speaking of the walk of faith, I’ve had my ups and downs and seasons of self-righteousness, but I’m learning to live in and accept His absurd grace and give it freely and abundantly to others.

I love Jesus and His Church, and choose to be part of the solution to the latter instead of a critic of it. I’m most honest with God and myself when I write, so that’s why I do so. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my musings on God, life, and society.


Thoughts on faith and life